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Workforce Management for IT

Managing the ‘people’ side of IT project delivery can be a burden – but workforce management can help projects run smoothly.

When you are managing large or complex IT projects as part of a digitalization or transformation program, it’s important to make sure that this does not place an undue burden on your IT or HR team.

Workforce management is a major part of this picture. Having multiple external contractors working on projects, for example, could create an administrative burden if it’s not managed correctly.

And from a project management point of view, it’s important to know that you have the right specialists booked at the right time, for the smooth running of your project.

That’s why, at digit xperts, we aim to reduce the burden on you – by contracting with specialists ourselves and offering a workforce management service.

Our service includes:

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Optimizing workforce provision

Whether we’re providing external contractors, a managed service, or personnel from our own payroll, we contract directly with the IT specialists who are working on your projects.

You then contract with us to make sure the job gets done – and that appropriate IT specialists work on your project at the right time, taking into account factors such as qualifications, training and compliance.

We use IT service management (ITSM) to inform our processes and help make sure that projects are managed intelligently.

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Handling workforce administration

Once we’ve identified the people to supply, we handle the administration associated with them – managing their time sheets and billing as part of a bundled service to you.

Of course, you may also have your own processes and requirements for people who arrive in your site, so we will work to understand your needs and, where possible, help to make sure your specific requirements are met.

Your Project Delivery options

Workforce management is just one of the ways we can help you. You can also choose from IT contractors, staff recruitment and personnel leasing, or trust us with a managed services contract.

Why digit xperts?

We’ve been taking a business-centered approach to Staffing & Contracting complex IT projects since 1995. Discover more about our philosophy and the clients we’ve helped.


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