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IT Recruitment & Project Staffing

Acting as a recruiter, we screen and select employees who can work for you on multiple IT projects, typically on a permanent basis or as contractors.

IT experts are highly sought-after. But if you can hire a technology specialist to be a fully-fledged member of your staff, you can benefit from their transferable skills in the long term – and turn them into an asset for your company.

By hiring an employee in this way, you benefit from better “corporate memory” as your staff move from project to project, combining their specialist IT skills with a longer-term understanding of your corporate culture and the way you do business.

That’s why, as part of our portfolio of IT Project Delivery options at digit xperts, we offer the option of recruiting staff on a longer-term or permanent basis.

As IT experts ourselves, we understand what to look for in an IT specialist. So we put these skills to use, by helping you to select a candidate who has the skills, experience and qualities to meet your requirements.

To do this, we:

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Help you find the right candidate for the job

When you’re hiring an employee, you need assurance that you’re get it right – so we use a detailed process to check that candidates meet your requirements.

As part of our recruitment process, we:

  • Make sure people have the right specialist skills on their CV

  • Check their qualifications with a phone interview – using our own IT skills to be sure they check out

  • Screen for details such as a ‘good conduct’ certificate and the closeness of their match to your needs

  • Recommend them for a personal interview, where you can check their specific competencies for your project.
  • Your Project Delivery options

    Staff recruitment is just one of the options we offer to help you with project delivery.

    You can also choose from IT contractors, personnel leasing and managed services, or trust us to handle your workforce management in the long run.

    Why digit xperts?

    We’ve been taking a business-centered approach to Staffing & Contracting complex IT projects since 1995. Discover more about our philosophy and the clients we’ve helped.


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