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Personnel Leasing for IT

Lease qualified IT specialists from our own payroll, to help you with the smooth running of one or more IT projects.

When it comes to delivering multiple IT projects, there are times when you want to integrate a specialist into your operations, whether on a time-limited or longer-term basis.

You might also be looking for a contractual relationship that is closer than it would be with a self-employed IT contractor, but without taking on a permanent member of staff.

Alternatively, you may simply require the services of one of the specialists we keep on our extended payroll.

In these scenarios, we offer the option of personnel leasing. Under this model, you lease specialists who are on the digit xperts payroll – leasing them for a period of time, to work on whatever projects you require as the need arises.

We can help you to:

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Identify the right IT specialist for your role

As IT experts ourselves, we are able to provide specialists with appropriate skills, experience and qualities for your projects.

Because these specialists have extended or permanent contracts with us, and are constantly accompanying us on new projects with organizations, we are able to vouch for their ability to meet your needs.

You also have a say in who we provide, so you can be assured that they’re the right person for your project.

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Avoid “pseudo self-employment” issues

Under a personnel leasing model, the IT specialist we provide is on our payroll.

This means that there are no issues with “pseudo self-employment”, which is a particular area of concern for tax authorities in Germany, and therefore a compliance issue for organizations.

Your Project Delivery options

Personnel leasing is just one of our options we offer to help you with project delivery.

Why digit xperts?

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